Junior Hazards



The following hazards are expected to be encountered on race day.
An updated hazards list will be available at race registration.

The route down and back up from Hebble Hole is technical and will prove challenging. 

The race route follows the busy calderdale way. Livestock may be in the fields surrounding the bridleway.

The rocks encountered on route to hebble hole are slippy especially in the wet. 

The race route has been modified so that the tempoary bridge will note be used


U11, U13, U15, U17

Technical Terrain

The route down and back up from Hebble Hole is technical and will prove challenging especially for the younger age categories.



U15, U17

Technical Terrain

The race route continues downhill on narrow single track that clings to the side of the wood. At a number of locations care needs to be taken by the runner as a fall may have severe consequencies. These hazardous areas will be marked prior to race day. 


U15, U17


The race route climbs on a track where there is the possibility of encountering a moving vehicle. The track is infrequently used. This location will be marshalled



U15, U17

Stone Bridge

The route crosses the river using a stone bridge. Care must be taken when crossing the bridge. 



Bad Weather

In the event of wet weather the U15 and U17 routes will use a bad weather route. In extreme weater the race will be cancelled. The race cancellatoin notice will be placed on the event website and on the event facebook page.