Junior Race Routes

The structure of the junior races has been revised for 2019. The changes from 2018 are:

U9 unchanged from 2018

U11 unchanged from 2018

U13 - The U13 route has been retired. The U13 entrants will also run on the U11 race route.

U15 - unchanged from 2018

U17 - for 2019 the U17 entrants will run on the U15 race route.

All of the junior fell race routes start off on the fields heading down into colden clough. All races start at grid reference SD963 279.

The U9, U11 & U13 race routes stay on the south side of Colden Clough. The U9 route is on grass and dirt track. The U11 & U13 race route has a technical terrain on the way down and back up from Hebble Hole at SD 968 282 where care is needed.

The U15 & U17 race route crosses Colden Clough at Hebble Hole before entering Ragley Wood. On the track through Ragley Wood flag stones which are can be extremely slippy when wet form a significant part of the route. Care must be taken on the approach to Hebble Hole on the return leg.

The U15 and U17 race route traverse a track on steeply banked section of Ragley Wood. The hazardous section is found on the outward leg in the vicinity of SD 973 282.