The route starts to the north of the fete field. A fast flat section along Higher Back Lane will grade the field before a right turn at CP1 takes you downhill on a good path to cross Brown Hill Lane. Hop over the style and make you way across the fields on an undulating trail that spits you out on the tarmac at Land Farm. 

A steep short climb followed by a sharp left hand (CP2) takes you onto edge lane where you have about 1 km of flag road before the going starts to get tricky.


Cross the style at  CP3 and start to climb up towards Standing Stone Hill. Cross another style and you are now on open access land. You have a short climb up to the standing stone at 398m elevation. The climb is relatively easy but it is the one section that is worth a recce as the wrong line can cost you. 

From the standing stone at CP4 take the brakes off and decend following a line of shooting butts to join the Pennine Way. Turn right (CP5) when you hit the flags and keep following the main path until CP6. This is the one point where it is very easy to make a mistake. At CP6 you want to start climbing up towards Long High Top CP7. 

Decend the hill CAREFULLY cross the road. Cross another road and run down the tarmac driveway to CP8. Cross a small style and make your way down to Hebble Hole (One of the finest picnic spots you will find). Cross the stone bridge and turn right climbing steeply.

Trun right as you join the main track then sharp left up an overgrown run between two walls. Turn left then sharp right by s metal bar gate. Climb the stone steps in the wall and then begin the painful crawl heading South West on the Calderdale Way back up to the fete field.


Start   - SD 959 277 - Bridgeway opp Fete field
CP1    - SD 953 278 - Higher Back Lane
CP2    - SD 959 290 - Edge Lane
CP3    - SD 949 298 - NW end of Edge Lane
CP4    - SD 951 303 - Standing Stone Trig
CP5    - SD 957  304 - Pennine Way
CP6    - SD 962 298 - Pennine Way break point
CP7    - SD 965 290 - Long High Top
CP8    - SD 968 282 - Hebble Hole
Finish - SD 961 278 - Fete Field